Health & Wellness Center

24/7 Gym With Access Card

Exercising in a manner that maintains fitness in all components reduces a person’s risk of physical injury and mental burnout. Start your fitness journey here at the Seneca Cayuga Wellness Center. Our monthly fees are extremely affordable. The facility is open 24 hours with a card swipe entry system. We maintain and provide up to date equipment.

Membership Application and Fee Information

Wellness Center Fees

SC Tribal Member: $10 per month
SC Family Membership: $20 per month

SC Employee: $10 per month
SC Employee Family: $20 per month

Emergency Management: $10 per month
Emergency Management Family: $20.00 per month

Senior Citizens: $10.00 per month
Non-Tribal: $15.00 per month
Non-Tribal Family: $25.00 per month

The Seneca-Cayuga Nation Wellness Center is now open with the following safeguards in place for our Members and Employees: