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William Tarrant

Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO)
Director, Cultural/Historic Preservation
NAGPRA Representative

23701 S. 655 RD.
Grove, OK 74344

918-787-5452 Ext. 6061

[email protected]

Tribal Historic Preservation Office

The Seneca Cayuga Nation has through its Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO), assumed duties of the State Historic Preservation Officer on trust lands as allowed under the National Historic Preservation Act I16 U.S.C. 470] Section 101 (d)(2). This office is partially funded by the National Park Service.

Program Objectives

Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO)
National Park Service (NPS), U.S. Department of Interior
Section 101 (d) (2), National Historic Preservation Act, 16 U.S.C. ยง470(d) (2)

  • Survey of Historic Properties & Maintain Inventory
  • Identify & Nominate eligible properties to National Register
  • Prepare & Implement Historic Preservation Plan for Seneca Cayuga Nation
  • Administer Tribal Historic Preservation Program
  • Work with Federal, State, Secretary of Interior, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) at all levels of Planning and Development
  • Provide information, education, training and assistance in Historic Preservation
  • Tribal Consultation in accordance with National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) on Federal undertakings that may affect Historic Properties

Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act

  • Representatives of Seneca Cayuga Nation
  • Receive & Review of Notices of Inventory Completion lists
  • Receive & Review of Notices of Intent to Repatriate
  • Federal, State and Private Institutions
  • Collection Reviews

Activities Sponsored and Co-Sponsored

Culture Summer Camp
Tribal Youth Summer Camp

  • Language / Crafts / Games
  • Longhouse Etiquette
  • Tribal History
  • Lacrosse games with Neighboring Tribal Nation Youth Programs

NYA:WEH Project
Native Youth Awareness: Work Environment Habitat

  • Summer youth work program
  • Grounds keeping: Ceremonial Grounds, Community Building, Tribal Cemetery
  • Maintain Community Garden

Social Dances
Social Gatherings for Tribal Community

  • Dinner
  • Longhouse Social Dances
  • Stomp Dances
  • Storytelling and activities

Cemetery Management

Cultural Presentations
Seneca Cayuga Culture/History Presentations to Local Community

  • Local Schools
  • Community Events
  • Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers