Welcome to the Seneca Cayuga Nation Child Care & Development Fund Program (CCDF). We help eligible families with their financial obligation for childcare.


The primary purposes of the Child Care Development (C.C.D.F) program are to increase the availability, affordability, and quality of childcare for eligible members of any federally recognized Tribes living within a hundred miles radius of Grove, Oklahoma. Childcare assistance through Tribal CCDF enables parents to purse education, training, and/or employment. The CCDF program does not simply provide funding for childcare services. By focusing on the quality of childcare and the development of the whole child, CCDF has a great impact on families and communities.


  • Childcare subsidy to eligible families in which parent(s)/guardian(s) are working and/or attending a training or educational program.
  • Childcare locator assistance in each county.
  • Training and technical assistance to childcare providers.
  • Provide public and parent education by providing licensing and regulatory procedures, complaint procedures, and policies and practices of quality childcare services.
  • Monitoring of childcare facilities to ensure health and safety standards are being met.
  • Referral services for children with special needs.
  • Issuance of grants to facilities where families receiving assistance from the Seneca­ Cayuga Child Care & Development Fund Program, to improve the quality of childcare and to meet State or Tribal licensing requirements.

Policy and Procedures provides structure for the CCDF Program. It provides clarity for childcare providers and families serviced by the Program. It ensures fairness for all CCDF Program participants, families, and providers. Policies and Procedures also protects CCDF staff and the Tribe from complaints.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. A Child must be under 13 year of age; or be under 19 and be physically or mentally incapable of caring for himself of herself or under court supervision
  2. The child must reside in within the Seneca-Cayuga Tribe service area (100 air miles.)
  3. Reside with a family whose income does not exceed the maximum Net income level as stated on the current sliding fee scale for the family size.
  4. Reside with a parent (s) or guardian (s) who are gainfully employed or attending a job training or educational program; or receive/need to receive protective services.
  5. The child must be enrolled or eligible for enrollment in any American federally recognized Native American Tribe; or is in legal custody of or is residing in the household of an enrolled Indian citizen or a person who is eligible to enroll in an American federally recognized Native American Tribe.

The parent or legal guardian must submit all information required before eligibly can be determined. Parents may also be sked for a denial letter from their Tribal affiliation before services for childcare can be approved. The original application form must be completed by the applicant and signed by the parent or legal guardian before processing. Faxed applications will not be accepted. The CCDF Staff will verify the following:

Applying for Child Care Assistance

To apply for Child Care Assistance, please complete the Child Care Application Client Responsibilities Form, and the Employment Form. Submit them with the Required Documents:

  • CDIB Card and/or Membership Card
  • Child/Children ‘s Birth Certificate (s)
  • Child/Children’s Immunization Record
  • Current Utility Bill with Name and Address or Notarized Statement of Residence
  • Pay Stub (s) must be current or Income Statement Verification From
  • Employment Verification
  • Class Schedule (if attending education classes)
  • Job Search Log
  • Change of Provider

Neok Tribal CCDF Provider Stabilization Grant

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)


Family Child Care Home applications will be accepted for a limited time beginning March 21, 2022.

Child Care Center applications will be accepted for a limited time beginning May 16, 2022 until funds are no longer available.

Applications must be completed online at: Online Application >

Questions about the application must be submitted by email to: [email protected]

Forms, Applications & More Information

Applications must be completed online at: Online Application >

Change of Provider Form

Child Care Services Application

Employment Verification

Income Statement Verification

Job Search Log

Provider Orientation Contract


Notarized Statement of Residence

Policy and Procedure

W-9 Form